IEG 2015: What do you love?

We didn’t go to the moon. We went much further. We went to IEG 2015, IEG’s annual conference in Chicago. Off the windswept, St. Patrick’s addled streets we found ourselves exhibiting Festivee Technology in the warm, hospitable confines of the Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

Spread out over four floors, the conference was equal parts expansive and intimate and as exhibitors on the ballroom floor we had ample opportunities to engage, collide and get inspired by other IEG attendees who included sponsors, rightsholders, agencies and pivotal stakeholders in this space.

As Exhibitors, we showcased our technology assets alongside industry suppliers such as GameFace, TagKast, Power Tower, and Thuzio. It was excellent company and at Festivee we were impressed with IEG’s hospitality and tremendous service at this time.

IEGAfter David Lassanske, our lead programmer, set up all of our display devices for our turn-key technology on tablets and OTT (we stream festivals and events on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Nexus), he downloaded our native App onto my iPhone and I was set to stream festivals in the palm of my hand and go mobile throughout the conference. So into the top notch workshops and presentations and round tables that IEG offers I went.

What do you love?
As Jim Andrews, Senior VP of IEG and the programmer of the conference, pointed out early on, “if we had a drinking game and you had to drink for every time you heard the word “Data” this weekend you’d be pretty wasted…” Continue reading