Your Company NOW

After the announcement of HBO Now, content creators are even more emboldened to start the move into direct-to-consumer digital distribution. As our very own Keith Mitchell puts it, “It’s the Netflixation of America”.

Even before the HBO announcement, content creators have been dipping their toes into the digital distro pool via iTunes and other 3rd party aggregators. While this might get their product into digital storefronts that millions of consumers use, they have been underwhelmed by their sales numbers. So what gives? There are a few factors that contribute to this lackluster performance:

  1. Their content is one of tens of thousands of products on iTunes. Even with a great search, there is no machete big enough to cut through the thick jungle of competing content.
  2. Even if their content is found, their competitors are listed right next to their titles.
  3. They don’t know who their customer is so they can’t directly retarget with new or existing content.
  4. Reporting is slow and limited to sales. Waiting a month for data makes it hard to track the impact of their marketing efforts and social media activity.

So how should a company go about successfully expanding from traditional outlets to digital outlets? We’re glad you asked! There are essentially two general paths your customers will take to purchase your content: serendipitous discovery and targeted marketing. Here’s a proven strategy for funneling customers down those paths to your destination.

1. Create Your Destinations

First, launch your Cinevee powered platform. We have turn-key solutions and white-label options — all which will equip you with tools to manage, sell, and deliver your content digitally via web, app, and OTT (it stands for Over The Top and it means your videos will play on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Nexus). These are the destinations you want your customers to arrive at because:

  1. You get better percentages from sales
  2. You know who your customers are for future retargeting efforts
  3. You can link to your existing physical products
  4. You will start to establish your brand in a more intimate, one-on-one context

2. Be Strategically Serendipitous

Continue or start selling your content strategically through as many 3rd party aggregators like iTunes. Cinevee is non-exclusive – it doesn’t make sense for you to lose out on serendipitous discovery and purchasing in those outlets. Be selective in what titles you add and also in what you write in the descriptions. Posting only a few of your best known titles will make you discoverable and adding links to your website, app, and OTT channels in their descriptions will encourage further purchasing to happen in your branded outlets where you get better percentages and meaningful data.

3. Have All the Roads Lead to Home

Direct all your social media activity, targeted ads, and other marketing efforts to your website, app, or OTT channels. This is where you maximize the return on all your efforts. Through these outlets, you’ll establish a connection with your customers and will have the opportunity to develop that relationship for future support and sales. Eventually, your customers will start and end at your branded outlets essentially rendering those 3rd party aggregators more as funnels than destinations.

With this strategy, you’ll release your content on a wide range of platforms and devices (more than even HBO Now), be equipped to realize exponential growth in digital sales, and stay ahead of the curve. Learn more and call us today or ‘click the tires’ with a no risk, free turnkey site.