IEG 2015: Searching for PewDiePie

So we’re sitting around and shooting the breeze with Gautam Ramdurai of Google and discussing cultural patterns and social trends on YouTube. Yeah, that happens every day. Well it does if you’re at the round tables at an IEG conference. Gautam (pronounced Gotham) has flown in from New York to unseasonably warm Chicago. He suspects some kind of sorcery is at work and as we delve into new media and new consumption it’s easy to see that Gautam loves his work and is passionate about the details.

Pretty soon we’re talking about PewDiePie and the fact that Gamers are here to stay and that YouTube has created authentic and raw stars for a new moment in time. And how brands are looking to align themselves with this authentic media content that is happening moment to moment, here and now.

Speaking of moments, Thomas van Schaik, Global Brand Director of Adidas, and his team created plenty of special ones at the World Cup and on stage at IEG. Thomas and his team took big-time risks with Adidas Brazuca at the World Cup and delivered big time results. Thomas showed us how Adidas took moments in time – personal moments, cultural moments and brand moments and transformed them into something magical. Adidas brought maximum attention to the epic size of the intimate moment.

Furthermore, Thomas and his team were willing to walk away from a brilliant campaign in order to respect the beautiful game.


In perhaps the most emotional of the presentations, Ahmet Abaci, Vice President Brand Marketing & Management at Mizuno USA reminded us of the “purity of sports” and the integrity of athletics in the world. I couldn’t help but deeply connect with the transformative power of sports and the personal effect that it has had on me in all stages of my life. Ahmet brought a spiritual approach to making an impact in the world and the Mizuno brand with initiatives like #ifeverybodyran and #playfamously and the Mizuno Baton Back on my Feet. Mizuno makes vital differences in the world and with what is really at stake: our health. Ahmet quoted someone as saying, “Racing ends, Running does not.” On a personal level this meant take care of yourself.

And so the IEG Conference comes to an end . But at Festivee, the running does not. We are already feeling the long lasting effects of the conference in our attitudes and conversations. But how can you a make an even longer lasting impression with a conference or festival or event?

How can you extend that window of opportunity and expand the moments – cultural and personal? Well, we have a solution in our virtual venue where we capture those moments in time and give them more staying power on the web, on OTT and in the palm of your hand in the form of an App as you go mobile out of the conference or the festival and into the rest of your life.

IEGTEAMAs Jim Andrews and Lesa Ukman wrapped up the conference in the final hour, we were able to see that the IEG conference is time well spent and money well invested in new friends, new inspirations and a new opportunity to build a strategy around love. Thank you, Chicago.

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IEG 2015: Passion in Real Time

IEGSHOESTim Castelli of iHeartMedia lit our shoes on fire when he declared that “Passion is a good customer.” And then he proceeded to show us how IHeartMedia is building value through that very passion and making connections in a “disconnected world.” As a media company, iHeartMedia prides itself on engaging at the local and national levels and operates and produces all of its own events. That’s passion.

One of the iHeartMedia team members, Bryce Adams bravely stepped up during one of the presentations with Karen Cage of HP and Mike Kelner of Fidelity Investments. The presentation allowed willing participants to pitch their company. It was a ninety second hot seat where Bryce gamely made his pitch and took his listeners on a journey. For those of us who participated it was an exhilarating opportunity to connect with sponsorship on a visceral level.

Content Distribution
A highlight of the conference took place at the very midpoint of the four days. This was a keynote address by Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman of GroupM with Lesa Ukman. Mr. Gotlieb is a Hall of Fame Advertising and Media Executive whose intellectual depth and facility reminded me of Joseph Campbell.

Mr. Gotlieb lives and breathes at the convergence point of media, data, technology and distribution. His evident engagement with and openness to technology and the fields of possibility inspired all of us at and as a platform provider for artists and content, we at Cinevee loved when he said, “if you are a content creator you exploit every avenue possible.” We’ve been expressing this exact strategy for content creators for some time.

Look for IEG 2015 parts 1 and 3 on our blog

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IEG 2015: What do you love?

We didn’t go to the moon. We went much further. We went to IEG 2015, IEG’s annual conference in Chicago. Off the windswept, St. Patrick’s addled streets we found ourselves exhibiting Festivee Technology in the warm, hospitable confines of the Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

Spread out over four floors, the conference was equal parts expansive and intimate and as exhibitors on the ballroom floor we had ample opportunities to engage, collide and get inspired by other IEG attendees who included sponsors, rightsholders, agencies and pivotal stakeholders in this space.

As Exhibitors, we showcased our technology assets alongside industry suppliers such as GameFace, TagKast, Power Tower, and Thuzio. It was excellent company and at Festivee we were impressed with IEG’s hospitality and tremendous service at this time.

IEGAfter David Lassanske, our lead programmer, set up all of our display devices for our turn-key technology on tablets and OTT (we stream festivals and events on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Nexus), he downloaded our native App onto my iPhone and I was set to stream festivals in the palm of my hand and go mobile throughout the conference. So into the top notch workshops and presentations and round tables that IEG offers I went.

What do you love?
As Jim Andrews, Senior VP of IEG and the programmer of the conference, pointed out early on, “if we had a drinking game and you had to drink for every time you heard the word “Data” this weekend you’d be pretty wasted…” Continue reading

Your Company NOW

After the announcement of HBO Now, content creators are even more emboldened to start the move into direct-to-consumer digital distribution. As our very own Keith Mitchell puts it, “It’s the Netflixation of America”.

Even before the HBO announcement, content creators have been dipping their toes into the digital distro pool via iTunes and other 3rd party aggregators. While this might get their product into digital storefronts that millions of consumers use, they have been underwhelmed by their sales numbers. So what gives? There are a few factors that contribute to this lackluster performance:

  1. Their content is one of tens of thousands of products on iTunes. Even with a great search, there is no machete big enough to cut through the thick jungle of competing content.
  2. Even if their content is found, their competitors are listed right next to their titles.
  3. They don’t know who their customer is so they can’t directly retarget with new or existing content.
  4. Reporting is slow and limited to sales. Waiting a month for data makes it hard to track the impact of their marketing efforts and social media activity.

So how should a company go about successfully expanding from traditional outlets to digital outlets? We’re glad you asked! There are essentially two general paths your customers will take to purchase your content: serendipitous discovery and targeted marketing. Here’s a proven strategy for funneling customers down those paths to your destination.
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Make It Deluxe

When it comes to marketing video content, more is always better. More videos, more features, more ways to purchase – the more deluxe you can make your products appear from the get-go, the more people will want to buy them.  That’s why at Cinevee, we offer our partners more options from the start – to make your storefront as enticing as possible.

With Cinevee, you can bundle products to make seasons and episodes, which appeals to one-time viewers and binge culture alike. We also create high quality downloadable files with every media encode, which entices your customers to Own, rather than Rent, your titles.  On top of that, all products powered by Cinevee support offering bonus content – downloadable files such as video and audio files, images, eBooks, PDFs, and almost any other form of digital file.

Why bother with all this? The evidence shows that the more deluxe your presentation is, the higher your margins will be and the more you’ll sell. You do want to sell more, right? Of course you do.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your audience gets the most out of visiting your site by appealing to their deluxe nature from the start.

The Starbucks Flat White: A study in responsive design and delivery.

It’s been a tremendous start to 2015. I’ve been traveling with Cinevee, a cutting edge digital content distribution company based in Michigan. I’ve been crisscrossing the country from LA to New York to Michigan and back again.

starbucks7f-2-webPrior to boarding a flight from LAX to JFK, I knew I was going to need one thing: coffee. So I found myself in line and face to face with the Starbucks’ signage for the launch of their new drink: the Flat White. Let me state for the record that I’m a latte snob because my local coffee shop masterfully and consistently delivers a latte at the perfect temperature every time. So here I am at LAX deciding to give the Flat White a try.

To my great surprise and great pleasure, the Flat White is perfect and it’s at the perfect temperature just like at my local coffee shop. The next morning I’m in Manhattan and I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but there’s a Starbucks on nearly every block in Manhattan. No complaints here. Heck, I remember the first one opening there in 1993. Oddly enough, I was standing in line with Gary Oldman at the time but that’s another story.

So here I am in Manhattan stepping through the freezing temperatures and I order another Flat White. Delicious again. And the perfect temperature again. I probably have ten more flat whites over the next two weeks from LAX to all over Manhattan and in Holland, Michigan and finally back to LA. And you know what? It was perfect every time. Perfect temperature. Every time. I have to say I am really marveling at this coast to coast feat of responsive design and delivery on the part of Starbucks.

At Cinevee, our websites and video players are responsive as well. They are built to adapt to every popular viewing environment: smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Built on Cinevee, our clients enjoy an interface that rearranges from one device to another for optimal quality and speed with their content. Cinevee delivers too. In a responsive way. Every time.

It’s awesome when you can admire a giant company like Starbucks and what they accomplish in the world. And it’s just as awesome to sip a Flat White in an airport and know that I’m off to meet a client to service them with our responsive technology for mobile delivery. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on that feeling.