Every 10 Seconds

Something happens every 10 seconds when a fan streams a film on Cinevee. No, we don’t kill a kitten.

We check to see how your video is playing. How your internet connection is doing. Every 10 seconds.

Is that a bit obsessive? Yes. It is. But it’s that important to us! Every 10 seconds we check the viewer’s internet connection, and modify the quality level of your video stream. If the internet connection suddenly slows down, we decrease the video quality so that the film keeps playing. If the connection speeds back up – we send a higher quality encode of the film.

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A Car, A Mailbox, and the HTML5 File API

Uploading a 10 GB video file on the internet is a bit like pushing a car though a mailbox. “That’s impossible,” you say. And you’re right, of course. The way to get around the problem is to chop up the car into little pieces and push them through the mailbox one piece at a time. Then, when all the pieces are on the other side, you put the car back together.

Good luck with that. :)

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Indispensable Gear

Like many other filmmakers in our industry, we love our gear. From the custom camera rigs to the bags we use to schlep our gear across the globe, we have a toolbox that captures our story with the highest quality possible. One indispensable tool that should be in every filmmaker’s toolbox is Cinevee.

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