IEG 2015: Passion in Real Time

IEGSHOESTim Castelli of iHeartMedia lit our shoes on fire when he declared that “Passion is a good customer.” And then he proceeded to show us how IHeartMedia is building value through that very passion and making connections in a “disconnected world.” As a media company, iHeartMedia prides itself on engaging at the local and national levels and operates and produces all of its own events. That’s passion.

One of the iHeartMedia team members, Bryce Adams bravely stepped up during one of the presentations with Karen Cage of HP and Mike Kelner of Fidelity Investments. The presentation allowed willing participants to pitch their company. It was a ninety second hot seat where Bryce gamely made his pitch and took his listeners on a journey. For those of us who participated it was an exhilarating opportunity to connect with sponsorship on a visceral level.

Content Distribution
A highlight of the conference took place at the very midpoint of the four days. This was a keynote address by Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman of GroupM with Lesa Ukman. Mr. Gotlieb is a Hall of Fame Advertising and Media Executive whose intellectual depth and facility reminded me of Joseph Campbell.

Mr. Gotlieb lives and breathes at the convergence point of media, data, technology and distribution. His evident engagement with and openness to technology and the fields of possibility inspired all of us at and as a platform provider for artists and content, we at Cinevee loved when he said, “if you are a content creator you exploit every avenue possible.” We’ve been expressing this exact strategy for content creators for some time.

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