Monty Python And The Power of Ubiquity

The hardest part about selling your movie online isn’t getting people to buy it. Your movie is awesome. If the Oscar statuettes for “Best Picture” and “Best Original Screenplay” met in Vegas and had a love child statuette, that child’s name would be “Best At Being Awesome” and that child would represent your movie.

No, the hardest part is getting people to know that your movie exists. So what’s the secret? The power of ubiquity.
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Don’t Pluck Your Eyelashes

Would you rather:

1) pluck your own eyelashes with chopsticks OR 2) have to update your content items individually for each device and application, over and over and over?

Personally, we’d go for the eyelashes.

Watch n TalkBuilding on an already mobile-friendly web presence powered by Cinevee, AngelHouse Media has just released iOS and Android apps to deliver Watch ‘n Talk, a three volume series of video-based curriculum, directly to consumers. The Watch ‘n Talk apps leverage Cinevee’s powerful API feature, which feeds up-to-date data regarding media, product info, account information, and purchases – all synced seamlessly across their landscape of digital distribution outlets. This means that instead of editing the same product info over and over for each branded website and device, they can quickly update everything in one place and see it pushed instantly to consumers on an entire lineup of branded outlets.
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What Could You Do With $5?

A professor gave a test to her econ class. She grouped the students into teams, gave each team $5, and informed them that they had one week to multiply it as much as possible. The group with the most profit at the end of the week would win.

So, what could you do with $5?

  • convert it to $0.01302 Bitcoins
  • buy knitting needles and sell your creations online
  • put it in your savings account and see how much of that .10% interest you can accrue by Friday
  • buy lemons and convince your little brother to sell lemonade for you
  • quit school and buy a Frappuccino
  • upload a film to Cinevee and start selling it immediately. Now, there’s an idea…

You don’t need a week to make money with Cinevee. You don’t even need an hour. Heck, you don’t even need that $5.
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Your Film, Now With Downloads

Sometimes the cutting-edge video streaming isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than a trailer. More than a film. You want a downloadable file.

Any Kind of File

Fret not! In addition to the automatic downloads that Cinevee creates, you can now add any downloadable file to your film for a small fee. This can be anything – a PDF, an esoteric video format, music, whatever – anything that relates to your film. Add as many downloadable files as you need for each film. Keep in mind that Cinevee charges a small fee for film admins to add downloadable files, due to the storage and bandwidth costs. Continue reading

Captions, Subtitles, and Bears, Oh my!

Here at Cinevee, we’ve been hard at work adding support for closed captions and subtitles to our streaming video. Here’s what you need to know.

Captions vs Subtitles

Closed Captions and Subtitles are similar from a technology point of view. Both require displaying text over the top of a video, timed to match the video content. A typical subtitle or caption element has a beginning time, an ending time, and the information that should be displayed during that time.

Although the technology is similar, captions and subtitles are intended for different audiences. Closed Captions help people who can not hear the audio for a video. Closed Captions usually have extra descriptions in the text for actions or music in addition to dialog. Subtitles, on the other hand, are meant to translate content into different languages. Continue reading