Monty Python And The Power of Ubiquity

The hardest part about selling your movie online isn’t getting people to buy it. Your movie is awesome. If the Oscar statuettes for “Best Picture” and “Best Original Screenplay” met in Vegas and had a love child statuette, that child’s name would be “Best At Being Awesome” and that child would represent your movie.

No, the hardest part is getting people to know that your movie exists. So what’s the secret? The power of ubiquity.

Go ahead – detour to We’ll wait.

Releasing your content on multiple platforms, especially on your own site, can lead to increased attention across all forms of social media. More attention means more transactions, period. Even posting your movie – or bits of it – on YouTube can have a dramatic effect on your sales traffic. Take Monty Python for example. In 2009, it appeared in its entirety on YouTube with links for DVD purchase. As a result, Monty Python titles rocketed almost overnight up to #2 on the bestseller list for Amazon, and DVD sales increased by 23,000%! Now, there’s a number you usually only see in the “Interest Rate” column of your student loan statement.

You can’t expect your movie to sell itself just because some watery tart threw a sword at you. Imagine what could happen to your movie if you added a little ubiquity to your life – especially since you can offer instant digital downloads powered by Cinevee! Plus, by driving traffic back to your Cinevee site, you keep 90% of your profits and get paid immediately, as opposed to getting 70% eventually from sales on other platforms.

So go ahead –  embark on a glorious quest of video-releasing and be sure to provide purchase links back to your Cinevee product page. Or, you could just wave that sword around and bellow to consumers that their mothers were hamsters and their fathers smelt of elderberries. Your choice.