Sell Some Carrots (I Mean, Ad Space)

For an online distributor, pre- and post-roll ads are kind of like that proverbial dangling carrot – not hanging directly in front of you, but just sort of bobbing annoyingly in your peripheral.  It’s not the goal you’re actually chasing, but it’s a tantalizing enough orange vegetable that it sure would be nice to make some money off of it while selling your film. Unfortunately, if you’re a smaller distributor with less than 2M+ video impressions a month, you’ve no doubt discovered that video ad platforms tend to be a bit out of your reach.

But that’s not the case for Cinevee partners. When you power your brand with Cinevee, it doesn’t matter how big of a distributor you are. All Cinevee partners have the option to maximize the value of their online video libraries by adding pre- and post-roll ads to their content, either site-wide or to individual products.

It’s just one more way that Cinevee makes your brand work for you, maximizing the potential of your online video library so you can be free to do what you do best – create great films. Let us grab that carrot. With Cinevee, it will be just within your reach.