Make It Deluxe

When it comes to marketing video content, more is always better. More videos, more features, more ways to purchase – the more deluxe you can make your products appear from the get-go, the more people will want to buy them.  That’s why at Cinevee, we offer our partners more options from the start – to make your storefront as enticing as possible.

With Cinevee, you can bundle products to make seasons and episodes, which appeals to one-time viewers and binge culture alike. We also create high quality downloadable files with every media encode, which entices your customers to Own, rather than Rent, your titles.  On top of that, all products powered by Cinevee support offering bonus content – downloadable files such as video and audio files, images, eBooks, PDFs, and almost any other form of digital file.

Why bother with all this? The evidence shows that the more deluxe your presentation is, the higher your margins will be and the more you’ll sell. You do want to sell more, right? Of course you do.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your audience gets the most out of visiting your site by appealing to their deluxe nature from the start.