It’s Cloudy in Singapore

How is Cinevee video delivered? The story starts with a filmmaker uploading video to the Cinevee website. Hopefully the resumable upload process helps that along. Then the video is encoded into several formats for delivery – from small low-bandwidth files to beautiful high-quality HD video. The video is backed up several hundred times at datacenters around the world.

Delivering Video

Next, let’s imagine someone wants to watch your video. Whether it’s a trailer or a feature film, the video is sent from a location around the world that is closest to the viewer. This means that if someone in the American Midwest is viewing your video, they might be talking with a server in Indiana. If someone in the Australian Outback wants to see your trailer – it’s sent over from Sydney. An explorer trekking through a South American jungle, if they somehow have internet access, will see the video from a server in Brazil.

Why does Cinevee go to all that effort of using a global video distribution system? It means that wherever you are in the world, the video you are seeing is delivered the shortest distance. Over the fastest-possible route. That means less pauses for each viewer, and more time simply enjoying a film. Once your film is playing, we check how well it is doing – every 10 seconds.

Want to put your film on the Cinevee streaming delivery network? Fly over to the filmmakers page and get started.