Every 10 Seconds

Something happens every 10 seconds when a fan streams a film on Cinevee. No, we don’t kill a kitten.

We check to see how your video is playing. How your internet connection is doing. Every 10 seconds.

Is that a bit obsessive? Yes. It is. But it’s that important to us! Every 10 seconds we check the viewer’s internet connection, and modify the quality level of your video stream. If the internet connection suddenly slows down, we decrease the video quality so that the film keeps playing. If the connection speeds back up – we send a higher quality encode of the film.

This technology is called adaptive streaming and it works both in our Flash video player and on iOS devices. It takes a bit of work to set up. Each video on Cinevee is compressed into multiple formats. As a fan is watching a film, we send the most appropriate format for that fan’s device and bandwidth.

We would have loved to set this up as an open HTML5 technology that works across browsers. Unfortunately, the HTML5 video streaming specifications are not capable of adaptive streaming yet.  One standard that looks hopeful is called DASH - but it probably won’t be ready on the internet for a few years.

Every 10 seconds we check how your streaming video is doing – and adapt to the situation. Hopefully, that means you see less buffering interruptions when watching a video.

Put your film on Cinevee – and we’ll obsess about delivering it to your fans, so you don’t have to.