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After the announcement of HBO Now, content creators are even more emboldened to start the move into direct-to-consumer digital distribution. As our very own Keith Mitchell puts it, “It’s the Netflixation of America”.

Even before the HBO announcement, content creators have been dipping their toes into the digital distro pool via iTunes and other 3rd party aggregators. While this might get their product into digital storefronts that millions of consumers use, they have been underwhelmed by their sales numbers. So what gives? There are a few factors that contribute to this lackluster performance:

  1. Their content is one of tens of thousands of products on iTunes. Even with a great search, there is no machete big enough to cut through the thick jungle of competing content.
  2. Even if their content is found, their competitors are listed right next to their titles.
  3. They don’t know who their customer is so they can’t directly retarget with new or existing content.
  4. Reporting is slow and limited to sales. Waiting a month for data makes it hard to track the impact of their marketing efforts and social media activity.

So how should a company go about successfully expanding from traditional outlets to digital outlets? We’re glad you asked! There are essentially two general paths your customers will take to purchase your content: serendipitous discovery and targeted marketing. Here’s a proven strategy for funneling customers down those paths to your destination.
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Make It Deluxe

When it comes to marketing video content, more is always better. More videos, more features, more ways to purchase – the more deluxe you can make your products appear from the get-go, the more people will want to buy them.  That’s why at Cinevee, we offer our partners more options from the start – to make your storefront as enticing as possible.

With Cinevee, you can bundle products to make seasons and episodes, which appeals to one-time viewers and binge culture alike. We also create high quality downloadable files with every media encode, which entices your customers to Own, rather than Rent, your titles.  On top of that, all products powered by Cinevee support offering bonus content – downloadable files such as video and audio files, images, eBooks, PDFs, and almost any other form of digital file.

Why bother with all this? The evidence shows that the more deluxe your presentation is, the higher your margins will be and the more you’ll sell. You do want to sell more, right? Of course you do.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make sure your audience gets the most out of visiting your site by appealing to their deluxe nature from the start.

Sell Some Carrots (I Mean, Ad Space)

For an online distributor, pre- and post-roll ads are kind of like that proverbial dangling carrot – not hanging directly in front of you, but just sort of bobbing annoyingly in your peripheral.  It’s not the goal you’re actually chasing, but it’s a tantalizing enough orange vegetable that it sure would be nice to make some money off of it while selling your film. Unfortunately, if you’re a smaller distributor with less than 2M+ video impressions a month, you’ve no doubt discovered that video ad platforms tend to be a bit out of your reach. Continue reading