Your Film, Now With Downloads

Sometimes the cutting-edge video streaming isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than a trailer. More than a film. You want a downloadable file.

Any Kind of File

Fret not! In addition to the automatic downloads that Cinevee creates, you can now add any downloadable file to your film for a small fee. This can be anything – a PDF, an esoteric video format, music, whatever – anything that relates to your film. Add as many downloadable files as you need for each film. Keep in mind that Cinevee charges a small fee for film admins to add downloadable files, due to the storage and bandwidth costs.

How Downloads Work

Fans who purchase your film will be able to download the files you add. Rentals do not get access to downloadable files, because once a file is downloaded, Cinevee never gets it back. We currently do not have DRM on downloadable files, so they are limited to full purchases only.

Automatic Downloadable Files

Cinevee automatically creates downloadable versions of your film trailer and the film itself during the encode process, so you do not need to worry about adding those. If you do not want any downloadable files attached to your film, you can always remove files using the film admin interface.