What Could You Do With $5?

A professor gave a test to her econ class. She grouped the students into teams, gave each team $5, and informed them that they had one week to multiply it as much as possible. The group with the most profit at the end of the week would win.

So, what could you do with $5?

  • convert it to $0.01302 Bitcoins
  • buy knitting needles and sell your creations online
  • put it in your savings account and see how much of that .10% interest you can accrue by Friday
  • buy lemons and convince your little brother to sell lemonade for you
  • quit school and buy a Frappuccino
  • upload a film to Cinevee and start selling it immediately. Now, there’s an idea…

You don’t need a week to make money with Cinevee. You don’t even need an hour. Heck, you don’t even need that $5.

Start distributing digitally today. It’s absolutely free to create an account with Cinevee, and we’ll spin up a site instantly so you can be selling your first title by dinner time. Best of all, the payments go straight to your PayPal account and you get paid immediately. Not tomorrow. Not sometime in the next 30 days. The instant someone rents or purchases your film.

You might as well use that $5 to splurge on the frappe and just let that whipped cream mustache grow while you kick up your heels and watch the cash start flowing in.

Now that, my friend, is economics.