Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Sex, Language, Violence, Drugs & Alcohol, Nudity. These are the five dimensions of the Cinevee content rating system – but how do the ratings work? Where do they come from? What happens when you disagree?

The Filmmaker’s Perspective

When designing the Cinevee content ratings, we decided to let filmmakers rate the content of their own films. There are some standard film rating systems out there, like the MPAA single-letter ratings we are all familiar with. The challenge with these standard ratings is that it costs the filmmaker to wait and receive that rating for their film.

Letting filmmakers rate their own films also means that we are not imposing our worldview of what acceptable content is. One person’s ‘mild’ level of language, for example, is another person’s upper limit. The content rating is from theĀ filmmaker’s perspective. It’s their job to tell you what kind of content is in their film.

Content Review

Understandably, this means the ratings may not always be 100% accurate. That’s why we’ve built in the ability for logged in users to flag a film for content review. Simply click the “Flag for Review” button on the film page, and our content review team will look at the film’s content, examine the ratings, check that it does not violate our Terms of Use, and if needed request that the filmmaker modify their rating.

Tell Us What you Think

As always, we love to hear your feedback and your ideas to improve the site. We’re hoping the content ratings will give you transparency into the content of a film before you start, so you can make the best decision about what films you want to see.