A New Look For Cinevee

A great product starts with a great design, and here at Cinevee, the team has redesigned our brand from the ground up.

It started with these guiding principles:

  • A Focus on browsing and finding films
  • Adding large, strong visuals
  • Adding contrast and saturation
  • Improving the film admin interface

New Colors

Colors create the emotional impression of a brand – and the new Cinevee color scheme is more saturated and higher-contrast.


Brand New Splash Page

We’ve added a new splash page that will be shown to everyone who is not logged in. This will give us a chance to feature new films on Cinevee and brand new Cinevee system features.

The Gallery

The new film gallery has been refocused on finding the films you love. Film posters have become the primary visual element, and the page lets you quickly view any film trailer on Cinevee.


Content Rating Icons

Movies on Cinevee are rated by the filmmaker in 5 categories: Sex, Language, Violence, Drugs/Alcohol Use, and Nudity. With our new custom icon set, movie fans can easily recognize each category and get a sense of the movie’s content.



The Admin Interface

We’ve updated and reorganized the admin pages as well. The product admin interface is now easier to use – all the controls you need for a film are on one page.

Add metadata, upload media, change pricing, it’s all right there. Embed your film trailer on another site, or link to your film site from Cinevee.

The new interface also lets you purchase discount codes for your fans – buy a bunch, then hand them out to people you like!




Those are just some of the changes in the new look. Feel free to explore the site, and, as always, let us know your thoughts.