Don’t Pluck Your Eyelashes

Would you rather:

1) pluck your own eyelashes with chopsticks OR 2) have to update your content items individually for each device and application, over and over and over?

Personally, we’d go for the eyelashes.

Watch n TalkBuilding on an already mobile-friendly web presence powered by Cinevee, AngelHouse Media has just released iOS and Android apps to deliver Watch ‘n Talk, a three volume series of video-based curriculum, directly to consumers. The Watch ‘n Talk apps leverage Cinevee’s powerful API feature, which feeds up-to-date data regarding media, product info, account information, and purchases – all synced seamlessly across their landscape of digital distribution outlets. This means that instead of editing the same product info over and over for each branded website and device, they can quickly update everything in one place and see it pushed instantly to consumers on an entire lineup of branded outlets.

It also means that Watch ‘n Talk can side-step the large commissions necessary to sell products within the App Store and Google Play. These greater profits are helping to fund future work at AngelHouse Media.

That old update-one-at-a-time method seems a little like plucking your eyelashes now, doesn’t it?

Are you wasting time updating the same content across an array of devices and apps? Let Cinevee power your brand and streamline the process for you. You’ve got better things to do – like watching your eyelashes grow, for one thing.