Cinevee + Numbers = Beautiful

We know how important it is for you to see actionable data about how your films are doing. That’s why we’re happy to announce Cinevee Analytics for film admins. Cinevee Analytics gives filmmakers a bird’s-eye view of how their film and store has been performing over time.

At the top of the stats page, you will see counts of the following:

  • Trailer Views
  • Film Plays
  • Film Downloads
  • Total Revenue
  • Rentals
  • Purchases
All of the numbers and graphs on the stats page are relative to your current store or film selection. If you have your store selected, the information you see will include all your products. You can also see information about a particular product. Film admins can change the store or film selection by using the “Filter stats by” dropdown button:
Monthly Sales

The monthly sales graph shows total revenue for a store or film, before fees and the Cinevee percentage. As with all the data on the film admin stats page, you can filter whether you are seeing store-level information or film-level information by using the “Filter stats by” button.

Sales Types

The sales types pie chart shows you the breakdown of what kind of purchases people are making at your store or product.

Plays and Downloads

The Plays and Downloads graph lets you monitor overall traffic to your content, whether that is people watching your trailer, streaming your film, or downloading your media.

Top Referrers

The referrers section will tell you where your store or film traffic is coming from. This is one way you can track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – use a unique incoming URL, like a URL shortener, and you’ll see how many people followed that URL to end up on your page. At the top of the chart you will probably see “Direct.” These are the people that were not on a webpage previously to visiting your page, or people that are using browsers that do not provide a referrer header.

Visits Map

The visits map shows you who is viewing your product or store from around the world.

Let us know what you think of the new analytics, and what information you would like to see in the future!